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About This Page:
Welcome to HeheChat's teen chat! Now that you are here you should have been automatically be entered into the application as a guest. Go ahead and communicate with people who may be around your age group, and have a great time!

Sometimes, you might want to come back to speak with someone specifically. Navigating to see if that person is online on is as easy as searching for their name. Look at the online list to the right side of your screen, then you are then able to scroll through to users. If the person is here, it is up to you to send them a private request, and see if they're free to wonderful conversation. Whenever you want to have a new conversation you can move on to chatting with a different teen. If anyone bothers you, there is an option to block them by clicking on their name and selecting the ignore function. Alternatively, you can click on them in the user list to open their profile with the same option.

Our Rules:
Here at HeheChat we try to keep the teen chat running smoothly and not full of junk and spammers. This is why we set up some rules that we expect everyone to follow. These rules are intended to be guidelines to improve the quality of the site. Moderators will take action against people that are not following them.

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Because our site is free, many users choose to return on a daily basis. When you return frequently you generally make a lot of friends. Other teenagers will start to recognize you, and they will message you as soon as you log in. Some of our members are constantly in the spotlight because they became a tight part of the community.